Slide Night
Slide Night

Founder/Publisher: Quinn Segal

Founder/Managing Editor: Rachel Ruiz

Social Media: Nazir Dabiri

In-house Writer: Szonja Papp


Remember those exciting evenings of yesteryear when you’d gather with family, friends and neighbors to show them your travel pics?

You’d fit as many chairs into the living room as possible and crank up the projector, slotting in the slides from your getaway to France or Beijing.

Sadly, with social media on the rise, Slide Nights are now a thing of the past. Everyone already knows about your travels before you’ve even returned home.

But we want to bring back the Slide Night!

We want to shine a light on incredible, unforgettable places. And we want to help you get there.

We’re a small group of travelers and photographers (bios to come!) that want to highlight professional and amateur travel photographers from around the globe. We are interested in unique experiences and showing popular places in a brand new light.

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