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Slide Night

Rachel Ruiz

Rachel is the Founder and Managing Editor of Slide Night. She oversees our editorial process and takes care of our Contributors by collaborating with them to achieve noteworthy articles.

Before Slide Night, Rachel worked as a Communications Manager and Contributing Writer and Editor for big box brands in NYC.

Her favorite destination so far: The middle of nowhere, Southwest Ireland

Her bucketlist destination: “Some tiny little island in the middle of the Pacific where nobody can bother me.”


Quinn Segal

Quinn is our Assistant Editor and Writer. She takes care of editing articles from our Contributors, curating stories and talent for Slide Night and writing about obscure destinations.

Before Slide Night, Quinn worked as a ghostwriter in San Francisco and as a photographer in China.

Her favorite destination so far: Palenque, Mexico

Her bucketlist destination: “I’m saving my pennies for the Trans-Siberian railroad.”


Nazir Dabiri

Nazir is our Picture Editor, Creative Writer and Social Media Manager. He works with Influencers and Digital Communication agencies, as well as Social Media Specialists to ensure Slide Night goes above and beyond.

Before Slide Night, Nazir worked in NYC Finance but gave up his 9-5 for a full-time life of traveling with his wife Keko and their baby daughter, Cami.

His favorite destination so far: Ankara, Turkey

His bucketlist destination: “Traveling around Azerbaijan and hitchhiking in Chile.”