Sunsets of Adelaide, Australia

Sunsets of Adelaide, Australia

Stretching from the hills to the sea and with a CBD jam-packed in between, Adelaide is one of Australia’s most livable cities and consistently outscores the more popular destinations because of its cultural and entertainment scene, quality affordable housing and a great climate (a Mediterranean one).

While most travelers to Australia opt to check out Sydney, Melbourne and the sunny beaches of Queensland, Adelaide shouldn’t be discounted because of its smaller size (1.3 million call this city home). This southern city hosts hundreds of festivals every year, boasts an incredible foodie and wine scene (the world-famous Barossa Valley is just a drive away), and offers every activity an outdoorsy person could dream of.

If we haven’t sold Adelaide to you yet, perhaps the extraordinary photography of Andrew Austin will.

This talented photographer has us swooning over the City of Churches with his postcard-perfect shots of the downtown area, uploaded to his Instagram account @adelaust.

We’re in awe of this downunder city, with its unspoiled beaches, bustling rush hour scenes and its mix of Colonial, Victorian and ultra-modern architectural gems.

Written by Quinn Segal; Images from @adelaust.

If these images make you want to skip the typical Aussie destinations and fly into Adelaide, University of Adelaide Computer Science student Ryan runs his own 2-hour walking tours. This free tour touches on the city’s Colonial history and visits Parliament House, the Riverbank, Town Hall, Adelaide Arcade and more!