The magic of Minnesota

The magic of Minnesota

It seems like almost every family is jetting off to Disney World or the Grand Canyon when school goes on vacation. But there’s a hidden-gem-of-a-state you should definitely venture to if you want the whole family to be entertained.


This midwestern state might conjure up thoughts of snow and freezing cold temperatures, but Minnesota is so much more than winter weather. The Land of 10,000 Lakes is home to a thriving theater scene (second only to NYC!), an iconic (see: bucket list) State Fair, more than 50 state forests, and a Mall where you can shop for days. And because Minnesota has a continental climate, it’s got something to do during the cold winters and then more during the hot summers.

Showcasing the state is photographer Chris G. with his Night Owl Photography. This talented Minnesotan captures the state with moody scenes of rugged terrain and neon cityscapes. From icy roads and thunderstorms to lively downtown events, Chris shows all the extremes throughout southern Minnesota and definitely shows us that the state is more than just a winter wonderland.

Written by Rachel Ruiz; All Photos used with permission from Instagram accounts @chriisg29 and @chriisg95.

See more photos from Chris on Instagram, here and here.

If you’ve been meaning to explore the Midwest but haven’t known where to start, begin in Minnesota. This beautiful state is a photographer’s paradise with its natural beauty and cosmopolitan cities.

Rachel Ruiz-Oakley is the Managing Editor of Slide Night.