Shanghai by night with Victor Chiang

Shanghai by night with Victor Chiang

Shanghai by day is lovely. Shanghai by night? It’s on a whole other level.

This beautiful and chaotic port city is where the rich come to shop, the financiers come to trade and where tourists (over 300 million each year!) come to play. Shanghai is the fun zone of China, boasting streets lined with markets and bazaars, hip coffee houses, and swanky hotels.

And as night falls, the electric vibe of Shanghai only intensifies as tourists—and locals— flock to the city’s waterfront known as The Bund. It is here along the Huangpu River that you can see the skyscrapers in Pudong light up like a futuristic neon city.

“Personally, my favorite part of Shanghai is definitely the area around the Bund which features a lot of skyscrapers. I like to explore these buildings to find some new angles of this magic city,” Victor Chiang tells us.

Also known as @aka_swaggy on Instagram, this uber-talented photographer only started shooting pictures two years ago when he was a sophomore.

“At that time, the concept of city exploration was just becoming a hit, and I was attracted by it. Thus I decided to pick up my camera to seek some possibilities”.

And boy did he explore this city! Chiang’s Insta feed is a feast for the eyes, with Shanghai (as well as Guangzhou and Tokyo) coming to life as Chiang explores the highest points of the city.

His work is not for the faint of heart. Victor Chiang not only climbs skyscrapers, but stands precariously close to the edge to capture the perfect skyline shot. In every image, we’re granted a new perspective on Shanghai and have a deeper appreciation for it because of Chiang’s skill to see the city in a new light.

Written by Quinn Segal; All photos by Victor Chiang.

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