The most beautiful cafe in the world

The most beautiful cafe in the world

If there’s one coffee house you simply must get to in this lifetime, make sure it’s the New York Cafe in Budapest.

Opened in 1894 in Budapest’s 7th District, this magnificent cafe is part of the New York Palace Hotel which was originally built by the New York Life Insurance Company as a local HQ. Today, this ultra-opulent hotel’s cafe welcomes visitors who enjoy stepping back in time, for a traditional Hungarian feast or just a quick coffee.

The New York Cafe is a Hungarian institution, serving up old world glamour with its marble columns, beautiful frescoes and rows of glass lamps. Looking around, it’s no wonder this is where writers, poets and intellectuals of the 19th and 20th Centuries spent a lot of their days.

Grab a seat here (you might have to wait in line) and try some of the cafe’s extraordinary coffee (strong but delicious). The cafe also serves up gourmet desserts and a full food menu of soups, pastas and mains.

But the shining star of the New York Cafe is the breakfast. Eat cheap elsewhere while you’re in Budapest and save money (and room in your stomach!) for the cafe’s Buffet Breakfast. This is where you can try all the Hungarian pastry treats your little heart desires, as well as sparkling wine and smoked salmon if you want to go full opulent while in Budapest. Oh, and you’ll be dining while listening to live piano music. Feel like royalty yet?

Be sure to take your time while you’re here. It really is a remarkable place… and dare we say it, extremely Instagram-worthy.

Written by Quinn Segal; All Photos © New York Cafe

Dress code for the New York Cafe is casual; Table wait time can be lengthy during breakfast hours. Open Mon - Sat, 8am - 12am.