Adelaide sunsets have us like woah

Adelaide sunsets have us like woah

Just over a week ago we shared one of Australia’s most beautiful cities with you: Adelaide.

This week, we’ve found something that makes our whole team want to move to this Aussie city permanently—the incredible sunsets. In fact, the sunsets are so iconic in South Australia that the tourism board even notes the best places throughout the state to watch the sun set, from Southport Beach on the Fleurieu Peninsula to Mount Osmond in the Adelaide Hills.

One Adelaide resident and self-proclaimed sunset hunter is Melleessa Boyle. This professional photographer takes gorgeous pictures of babies, families, and even sporting events. And when there’s a beautiful sunset in her city, you better believe she’s snapping it up, too.

Believe it or not, these incredible sunset shots were taken just under 20 miles from the city center! But if you want to stay closer to the city, there are beaches within a 20-minute car ride from the CBD that offer esplanade dining, too. There’s even a tram service that runs directly from the city to Glenelg, a beachside neighborhood of Adelaide that’s famous for its shopping, restaurants, and a beach club that serves up drinks and live music in the warm months.

I think we now know why Adelaide is consistently voted most liveable city in Australia!

Written by Rachel Ruiz; Photos by Melleessa Boyle.

Enjoy more sunset pictures (and sunrises!) from Melleessa on Instagram. Don’t forget to check out Melleessa’s photography on Facebook too.

Adelaide’s Temptation Sailing Company offers a catamaran sailing tour during sunset from Holdfast Shores Marina, just 25 minutes from the city.

Rachel Ruiz-Oakley is the Managing Editor of Slide Night.