The unparalleled beauty of Ghana's coastal towns

The unparalleled beauty of Ghana's coastal towns

With its warm climate, diverse geography and a population known for its outward friendliness, Ghana is one of Africa’s most beautiful nations.

It’s hard not to love Ghana. This country is bursting with culture throughout the theater, music, and visual arts scenes. But away from the art museums and theaters of the city is where you’ll find what makes Ghana so special.

The west of Ghana is a wonderland for adventurers. This part of the country—which includes the exquisite coastal towns of Butre and Axim of the “Gold Coast”—is a picture-perfect paradise, and Ghanian photographer Yaw Pare treats us to a visual feast of his homeland with images that make Ghana look like it’s straight out of a dream.

The village of Butre is in the Ahanta West district of Ghana and from September to March, visitors to this area can witness sea turtles laying eggs on the beach and even watch hatchlings take place. You can take trips up the Butre River where you’ll have the chance to see monkeys, crocodiles and flocks of native birds. But save time to explore Fort Batenstein.

This 17th Century fort was erected by the Dutch and looks like it’s right out of Tomb Raider. It was built as a trading post and to control the area around Butre (not as a slave trading post, as many were). Visit the fort and you’ll catch views of the Atlantic and be able to tour the ruins with the help of a local guide. We dare you not to fall in love with this part of the western coast.

But why stop at Butre? Yaw Pare then takes us to Axim where there’s a tropical paradise to be discovered (and Instagrammed!). This is also the location of Fort Saint Anthony, a 16th Century triangular trade post built by the Portuguese by the River Ankobra.

Fort Saint Anthony is well preserved and it’s a good idea to employ a local guide to show you throughout the fort and to explain its history. You can also snap pictures of the rocky bay below.

Local guides in Axim can also take travelers on tours of the upper and lower townships as well as the gorgeous Boboewusi Island (where you can climb to the top of the lighthouse). Or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, take a canoe trip up the Ankobra River.

Princes Town, Cape Three Points and Elmina are also must-visit places with historical forts, beaches and forest reserves offering breathtaking scenery.

Ghana’s little secret is about to get out—this country is paradise! And we’ve only touched on a couple of coastal towns along the western coast. Imagine what more this west African nation has to offer.

Written by Rachel Ruiz; All Photography © Yaw Pare.

Yaw Pare is a professional photographer based out of Ghana. Follow him on Instagram and join his public Facebook group to see all of Ghana’s beauty.

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Rachel Ruiz-Oakley is the Managing Editor of Slide Night.