Shanghai by Nightshift

Shanghai by Nightshift

Every night when the sun goes down in Shanghai, thousands of people flock to The Bund along the Huangpu River to watch a glitzy show of skyscrapers bursting with light in the nearby Pudong district. It’s a sight to behold—with the quirky Oriental Pearl Tower and the massive 2,000-foot Shanghai Tower being some of the most recognizable buildings in Asia.

But this Chinese city also puts on another show when the sun goes down.

Award-winning photographer Florian W. Mueller gives us a glimpse into this other illuminating show with “Nightshift Shanghai”, where small kiosks and shops are lit up well into the dark of night—past closing hours for most stores—in order to feed, hydrate, and sell a whole array of goods to the public.

Say goodbye to the glitz and glamour of touristy Shanghai, and hello to what goes on behind the scenes in small streets and alleyways. You might expect a bar or convenience store to open 24/7, but here in Shanghai, workers can tend to their small stores and kiosks around-the-clock.

It’s a fascinating look into the other side of Shanghai, when all the tourist hotspots are closed (the Oriental Tower even turns off its dazzling light display between 10pm and 11pm!) and the streets are empty.

Written by Quinn Segal; All Photos © Florian W. Mueller.

See Florian W. Mueller’s work on his website. Follow Florian on Instagram, Twitter and Behance. Prints may be purchased here.

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