A global community in Cabramatta (Markus Andersen)

A global community in Cabramatta (Markus Andersen)

One look at Markus Andersen’s series on Sydney neighborhood Cabramatta, and you might easily mistake this Aussie suburb for a city in the Far East. Just under 20 miles from the Sydney CBD, Cabramatta is an upbeat and colorful part of the city that is unlike anywhere else.

Andersen’s fascination for the suburb began when Fairfield City Council contacted him in 2014 to photograph the memorial erected by the local community to honor the victims of the Lindt Cafe hostage crisis of the same year.

“I was charmed by the vibrancy of the suburb,” Andersen noted. “I offered to document and give my personal vision of a suburb that has struggled with its public image since the 1990s where crime was the predominant image in the media of Cabramatta.

“From Luna new year 2015 until Luna New Year 2016 my goal was to simply explore, experience and respond to the cultural and visual particularities of the area, with no preconceived ideas. Over the period of a single year I captured this melting pot of cultures in a distinctive street / documentary photography style with a focus on colour and intense light. The raw, sometimes playful images show the uniquely diverse and human side of Cabramatta, seizing moments of beauty in everyday life.”

Andersen’s talent behind the lens is evident. He’s captured the multiculturalism of the neighborhood, the gritty edge of the streets, and the non-stop hustle and bustle of a Sydney most tourists don’t get to see.

But do see it! Cabramatta might not be as iconic as Bondi Beach when stopping in Sydney, but it’s definitely worth visiting for some of the city’s best restaurants and Asian markets.

Written by Quinn Segal; Photos by Markus Andersen.

More photos from Markus Andersen can be found on Instagram, Facebook and his website. Markus’ book CABRAMATTA: A Moment in Time is available from T&G Publishing.

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Rachel Ruiz-Oakley is the Managing Editor of Slide Night.