Deep within the tunnels of a European Metro

Deep within the tunnels of a European Metro

When searching for those out-of-the-way, road-less-traveled places while journeying abroad, many people tend to stay above ground. But deep within the tunnels of a metro is where you can really see how a city operates.

In the Instagram account, johnx_23, we’re treated to some of the most majestic underground tunnels through Europe, and the accompanying graffiti tags that tell us “I was here.”

johnx_23 says all photos from his IG account are stolen from the Internet or sent anonymously, since diving down into a city’s metro is illegal. Most of the images from his collection are taken from the underground tunnels of Vienna and Berlin, where street artists wander deep into the tunnels to avoid being caught.

Written by Quinn Segal; Images from @johnx_23

More photos from @johnx_23 can be seen here.

Want to take one of the most sought-after tours in Berlin? The city operates underground tours on an open subway car traveling at 21mph on Friday evenings from April - October.