Studying the DPRKorean language in North Korea

Studying the DPRKorean language in North Korea

Once upon a time, traveling to North Korea seemed like an impossible task. The headache of visas and confusing local customs scared a lot of travelers away. But then Young Pioneer Tours came along and changed the entire tourism landscape. YPT’s small group of China-based expats knows North Korea inside and out.

And instead of offering your run-of-the-mill North Korean tour, YPT gets you schooled on your journey with its 29-day Pyongyang Language Study Tour. This bucketlist trip allows Westerners to study at the Kim Chol Ju University of Education, with three hours dedication to language learning every week day.

Even if you don’t know a lick of DPRKorean, you’re in good hands on this tour and will finish the program being able to read and write basic sentences, and translate from Korean to English.

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Pyongyang will be explored after class on the weekends, but during the weekends, tour groups take trips out of the city to places such as the DMZ, the beach city of Wonsan (with a delicious seafood feast), Ryonggang Mineral Spa, Mt. Myohyang, and Chongsan Co-operative Farm.

There are also many other great local experiences. Last year, pioneers got to visit a North Korean family for tea, attend lectures at Kim II Sung University, and visit a local cinema in Pyongyang to watch the revolutionary film, Sea of Blood.

There were also many, many local restaurants and bars visited during the 29 days—over 65 in fact. So if you’re a foodie, this tour is also perfect for you.

The real beauty of this tour—and every other tour operated by YPT— is that everything is taken care of for travelers. All you have to do is meet your tour group and personal guide in Beijing for a rundown of the itinerary, DPRK visas and all tickets.

Oh, and did we mention this trip also includes a 24-hour sleeper ride experience? So not only do you experience daily life in Korea, but you also get to take some kicka$$ pics of the scenery on the journey from China to the DPRK.

To get a real feel for what you’ll be experiencing over 29 days, take a read of this blog post from Young Pioneer Tours that details everything from food and class activities, to weekend excursions and Victory Day celebrations.

Written by Quinn Segal; Photos courtesy of Young Pioneer Tours.

The next Pyongyang Language Study Tour begins July 12th, 2019 and you can book on the Young Pioneer Tours website here.

Read the FAQs for travel restrictions and general info.

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