The Great Wall of Fog

The Great Wall of Fog

Last year, self-taught photographer Andrés Gallardo Albajar embarked on a 5-week trip around Asia which took him to The Great Wall of China.

Expecting to see this seventh wonder of the world crowded with tourists, Gallardo Albajar was pleasantly surprised when the Great Wall was 1) covered in a thick fog, and 2) not crowded with hordes of tourists at all!

Quite often the best memories and photos of a trip come from unexpected situations

“I was expecting big amounts of people, even lines to access or things like that, but for my surprise there was very few people, which allowed me to capture the wall with no people, which in my opinion helps to create a more surreal and magic feeling,” Gallardo Albajar notes.

This eerie yet magical scene led this Spanish photographer to shoot The Great Wall and create a series he named Solitude at the Endless Wall. Each image is impressive, detailing the tranquility of his visit—a visit we can only wish for. I mean, imagine having The Great Wall of China to yourself.

Andres researched the best route to the Wall before heading to a section in Mutianyu. This part is one of the better preserved parts of the Wall even though it’s older than the Badaling section.

Speaking to Lonely Planet, Andres says: “What I found most interesting when shooting was the feeling of solitude, the silence and the dreamy scenery. Although there were a few people, I was amazed to find myself looking in every direction and not seeing anyone quite often. This has been a great reminder of a traveling lesson. Quite often the best memories and photos of a trip come from unexpected situations.”

Written by Quinn Segal; All Photography © Andrés Gallardo Albajar.

See more from Andrés Gallardo Albajar on his website, Behance and Instagram.

Want to capture pictures like Andrés? Forget the thousands of steps you need to climb to even get to The Great Wall. There’s a Great Wall tour that begins at your Beijing hotel and offers a hike along the Mutianyu section of The Great Wall, with a chairlift up and toboggan down. Lunch included!