Glasgow's mural trail

Glasgow is often a city left out of Top 10 lists for best street art locations around the world, but thanks to its Instagram-worthy Mural Trail, that’s all about to change.

Since 2008, the Glasgow City Council and the City Centre Regeneration team have collaborated to bring local artists’ work into the city streets. Funding 100% of the costs and giving artists huge canvases to work on, Glasgow’s downtown streets have turned into a bit of a treasure hunt area for travelers, eager to snap these mammoth masterpieces.

Artists whose work appears along the streets are some of the world’s best, including Australian-born/Glasgow-based Sam Bates (aka Smug); Klingatron (aka James Klinge); aerosol artist Rogue-One; Ejek, and Stormie Mills.

The city of Glasgow also accepts proposals from artists wishing to make their colorful mark on the community. Guidelines can be found here and the application can be found here.

For those of you who want to see all 24 murals around Glasgow, the city offers a list of locations, with the first one right off George Square. You can easily see all in a day if you want. But be sure to check if the murals are still up—due to development opportunities, some installations are temporary.

Written by Rachel Ruiz; Photography embedded from Instagram.

Spend a day walking around Glasgow spotting these street masterpieces, then tag them with #glasgowmuraltrail.

Rachel Ruiz-Oakley is the Managing Editor of Slide Night.