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The Nitty Gritty

We love our Contributors. Their stories and kickass photography make our site what it is. But what rights does a Contributor have to give up when collaborating with us? What will help your travel story stand out and be published? And when you say “send us a pitch,” what does that even mean?

Send Us A Pitch

We ask that you pitch us your story in a sentence or two. This means you tell us exactly what you’re thinking of presenting in a clear and concise way. It doesn’t have to be an essay; the simpler the better. Ie: I’d like to publish my story on dinosaur fossil digging in Turkey. (Seriously, if you’ve gone dino bone digging, we want your story!)

As well as a simple pitch, we’ll ask for a writing sample and we’d also love to see a picture or two. We don’t publish stories without pictures. So link us to your IG page or send us a snap or two.

One thing to note: We’ll request 6 - 8 images per story. Got more? Even better!

What We Look For In A Pitch

Slide Night began to tell the lesser-known stories of travel. We want to publish tales that no one else does. We love Paris, but how many photos of the Eiffel Tower are there online? Too many!

We want stories that make us go “wow” or “huh, that’s bizarre.”

Examples? Ok. How about a photo series on Outback pubs in South Australia. Perhaps a behind-the-scenes look in one of Shanghai’s busiest restaurants. Maybe you hitchhiked around Iceland.

We want the obscure. The daring. The off-the-radar places and experiences you tell your friends about.

After The Pitch

Once we’ve read your pitch, we’ll write back. We promise. It might take us a while but we’re committed to being transparent in this process. So if one photo series doesn’t work for us, you might have another that does.

Please allow at least 10 days before emailing a follow up.

If we love your stuff and want to publish, then that’s when things get exciting!

The Exciting Stuff

Once we give you the green light, it’s time to get creative. This is when you have full creative control to take your travel story in whatever direction you fancy. Maybe you want to write a personal essay about what Rio de Janeiro means to you. Maybe you want to tell our readers about that secret neighborhood in Melbourne tourists don’t even know about. Go with it. You got this.

One small guideline for writing: Articles need to be a minimum of 300-500 words. If you want to write more, great.

The Editorial Process

We’ve worked as writers and editors before, so we understand how meaningful and personal writing stories can be. That’s why our editorial process is as simple as taking a read through, marking up any typos, and uploading it online.

We don’t have a formal guideline for how you write. We won’t give bullshit editorial feedback to puff up our egos. We simply want to publish true, down-to-earth travel stories that are readable and enjoyable.

My Story is Published. Now What?

When your story is published, tell your friends and family! No, seriously. We want to curate as many travel stories as possible and get people interested in exploring.

Please note that scheduling the publishing of pieces can take a few days (no more than 4 or 5), so don’t fret if you haven’t seen your work online yet!

Your Rights

We never ask for exclusive rights to your photography. We are simply “leasing” the content for publishing purposes. You hold all copyrights, including text published. This is because we believe good content should be shared!

The only thing we ask is that all original text content published to a secondary site state: “This article was originally published on”.

A Few Things Before We Go

We’re happy(go-lucky) campers here at Slide Night, but there are a few things we ask:

No photography displaying caged, chained or farmed animals (ie: elephant rides in Thailand; dairy cows in Wisconsin).

All photography must be original. And kickass, obviously.

Copyright and watermark imagery is allowed, but please make sure the photos can be viewed clearly. We don’t want it to look like we stole your photos from Shutterstock!